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Create Departmental Network ID Accounts

SIUC Departments are allowed, by request, to maintain a Departmental Network ID.  This ID should be directly linked to an individual and used for departmental business and communications.  To obtain a Departmental Network ID, the department is required to submit a request to Information Security.  The request should be approved and signed by the Requestor's supervisor (preferably the Campus Unit Head) and submitted to the Director of Information Security for approval.  This Departmental Network ID will be maintained for as long as it is directly linked to a currently verifiable faculty or staff member and until otherwise notified by the requesting department.

"Change of Owner" of a Departmental Network ID

SIUC departments can request a "Change of Owner" for an existing Departmental Network ID. To do this, departments will need to submit a Departmental Network ID form. The proposed owner (Requestor) will have to submit the form and include the existing Departmental Network ID and associated email address.

Disable a Departmental Network ID

In situations where a department is no longer using a Departmental Network ID, they can request that it be deleted by submitting a Departmental Network ID form.

Vendor Departmental Network ID

SIUC departments may request a "Vendor" ID for the purposes of giving Network Access to a vendor on a temporary basis. Departments are required to submit a Departmental Network ID form for this. In such instances an SIUC employee should be listed as a "Requestor". Vendors will not receive an SIUC email.


1. To submit a Departmental Network ID request, go to in your browser.

2. Login to the portal using your SIU credentials. Click the use SAML link if you are not logged in automatically.

3. In the middle of the screen locate the Catalog Browser section.

4. Click “Requests.”


4. Under Requests, locate and click "Network ID Account Request" link.


5. Under the Network ID Account Request section, click on the "Network ID Account Request" link.

select network ID link

6. Fill-in the form.

7. When you are done, click the Save button at the bottom of your screen. Your ticket will be submitted to SalukiTech, who will then assign it to the appropriate person or team on your behalf.

Save button

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please send an email to and someone will reach out to you soon.