Emergency Alerts: Parents

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Students wishing to add or update their parent's mobile phone number for SIU Emergency Alerts will need to login to SalukiNet and follow the steps below:

1.) Open and log into salukinet

 Salukinet Home Page

2.) Search for Student / Faculty / Advisor Self-Service (SSB) and click it

Self Service link

3.) Click on "Personal Information." 

Personal Information

4.) Click "View and Update Addresses and Phones." 

View and Update Addresses and Phones

5.) Click "Update Addresses and Phones" at the bottom of the page. 

Update Addresses and Phones

6.) The parent's address and contact information must be added seperately. Choose the type of address you would like, for instance: Permanent/Home Address

Select Address

7.) Fill in all applicable information. 

Update or Insert Information

8.) Set Phone Type to "Cell Phone" and submit

Select Phone Type and Submit