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Update Your Cell Phone Number to Receive Emergency Announcements

To ensure that you are notified of campus emergencies, please provide a cell phone number for the SIU emergency notification system.

1.  In your web browser go to

2.  Using the search bar, look for "phone".

3.  Click on View and Update Address and Phone Information option.


4. Click the Update Addresses and Phones link in the bottom center of the screen.


IMPORTANT: To be notified of campus emergencies, attach your cell phone number to either the permanent or mailing/local address section in the form.

5.  To edit an existing entry, click Current link to the left of the entry.  


5.  To add a new entry, select the new address type from the Type of Address to Insert drop box at the bottom of the form. 


6.  In the Phone Type section, select Cell Phone.

7.  Enter your area code in the Area Code field.

8.  Enter your phone number in the Phone Number field.


9.  Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.